What do Yokai readers think?

“Like Mitox, the book is a melange of effects, essays, drawings, quirky quotations, and longer routines and variations. For me, the value is in News Deck (an amazing mind reading feat with newspaper clippings), SIRVA (a remote viewing routine and a fabulous ‘Lesley-esque’ utility), and the Quinta force with many variations. The book also has two fully scripted seances!

Overall, we have a lovely new product that will no doubt receive the kudos it deserves!”

Dr Todd Landman

“Firstly I’d like to say that for me Yokai had a lot to live up to. I got more mileage out of one item in Mitox than I had out of most of the other books I bought last year, (some costing upto $1000). Well, as far as I’m concerned, he did it again, I hate him, he makes me feel so stupid.
The Quinta force and Associated usage is wonderful, as is the peek used in Visionary Journey, which I love. The book is a melange of routines, techniques, proposal’s and stories all of which have the spark of brilliance that I have come to expect from Phill. For me my favourites , although I spot something new with each reading so I suppose I should say my favourites at the moment, are The Interview, Emergent Intelligence, Sirva , Transmission Control Protocol and the Séance’s.
Hell all of it is brilliant, all killer no filler, I wish all books were this good.”


“OK, I can safely say it is excellent. I thought Mitox was full of great ideas but this is even better. The Quinta force is very clever indeed and I will definitely be using this in one of its guises. The card effects are also perfect for the type of thing I perform and I am looking forward to roadtesting them. Congratulations to Phill! I heartily recommend this for addition to any serious mentalism library.”


“I have just read both Mitox and Yokai and I agree completely with the sentiment expressed in previous posts – these are fantastic books. First class thinking and amazing value for money. I used Quinta in a close-up show on Friday evening (Chinese coins and a Lota Pot, inspired by Helmain (sp?) but with a story line around the First Emperor and the Terracotta Army (a propos the exhibition currently at the British Museum)) – it went down like a dream.”


“I love the Quinta force. I’m currently writing an opening effect to a new show I’m trying to put together, and it involves Quinta — I have people from throughout the audience call out numbers — eventually different ones are used in different ways, one of them for the Quinta force. Don’t want to go in to too much detail since I’m just putting this together, but bottom line, I love the idea.”

Mr Mindbender

“What can I say? Just get it. Some great ideas, brilliant thinking, and an incredibly versatile number force.
The Quinta Force could have been sold as a separate manual easily and the ideas in it would have been worth a very high price. This is an idea that can be done impromptu, close up, walkaround, parlor, stage, on TV, etc.These is the stand out piece for me, but there are so many more.Mr.Smith goes to my brain!!!”

Greg Arce

“Phill Smiff is a very original thinker.
This is a great ebook that gave me so much pleasure. I especially enjoyed his none-effect pages.
Phill’s effects which aren’t really effects are great! (I know it sounds vague but buy the book now and find out!).
A professional or serious mentalist will see the value of this book. Top job Phill!”

Ray Doetjes

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