15 Powerful Effects

I still like things to be as simple as possible, and I still hate fussy gimmicks and gaffs. Strong effects are still the order of the day, but in Yokai I ask how this philosophy of organic mentalism can expand exponentially for serious performers who are ready to invest themselves in something truly impossible.

In Mitox I claimed anything difficult was out. Between the covers of Yokai every effect is accessible and straightforward, there are still no difficult sleight of hand manoeuvres, still no complicated or unlikely props. Every prop is cheap, ungimmicked or easy to make.

Yokai is the next step, and not every step can be as easy as the first.

In Yokai there are a few effects that have advanced methods. Difficult methods. For each of these effects a simpler method is presented, with minimum compromise and adjustment, but the pure method is there for those who are not afraid to open their minds. If you have read Thumbscrews, you will know exactly what I am talking about. In Yokai we find out exactly what is possible when we take that step. Turns out it’s pretty incredible:

Visionary Journey

A simple solution to a fun one on one reading takes a turn for the strange as you predict the random outcome of the participants future choices.

The Mitox Deck

A powerful and fun mnemonic structure for building your own unique memorised deck.

Quinta Force

After years of development the flexible Quinta force is presented in its streamlined practical form. A completely fair alternative to equivoque Quinta is the simple utility principle that your toolbox has been crying out for. Force anything!

Keep Rolling

A handful of fair dice are rolled and their totals summed, randomly selecting a number that matches the number rolled by a dice that has been in your spectator’s pocket all along.

Transmission Control Protocol

An un-addressed envelope makes its way between audience members before stopping at a random helper, the same random helper to whom the letter is written?

Knowledge Quin

An expanded solution to Mitox’s Knowledge 3 with borrowed items.


A totally impossible card location using an underexplored and completely invisible principle.

News Deck

With nothing more than a torn up daily newspaper you read the minds of up to twenty audience members, News Deck is an incredible piece of practical pared-down mentalism.


Not just an effect, SIRVA is an amazing, comprehensive paranormal experience. SIRVA gives you the ability to present a remote viewing workshop with an ending more incredible than anyone could have imagined. Including you, right now.

Xyloplus Journey

A chain of thoughts leads your spectators on a mental journey to an unlikely destination, which you easily pluck from their minds.

Control Zone Nail Bend

They pick a straight nail, you put it into their open hand, and it bends. Simple, clean and straightforward, with the Control Zone you give them a permanent memento of the paranormal experience.

The Interview

You interview spectators for the role of helper, with an amusing series of mental puzzles before picking one through a random process, an applicant who is described in impossible detail in your contract.

Emergent Intelligence

You create an artificially intelligent system with three simple props, one that can itself tell what choices the spectator has made, and even reveal information that no-one, even you yourself, could logically know.


The WordLock solved! A comprehensive system for turning the letter-code WordLock into a mind reading device, no hardware modification, no strange props or superfluous cards and restrictions. They pick any possible word and input it, and you reveal it letter by letter.


Read Phill’s thoughts on the power and potential of premise in performance, the impact of the moment, the art of mentalism and the potency of possibility, as well as a grab bag of unique and incredible premises that banish “I’m psychic” to the history books.

Bonus Extras

Yokai includes a bonus insight into Phill’s exciting experiments in modernising an ancient performing theme…

Is this all dealer hype?

No. Yokai’s effects are practical and straightforward pieces of strange cut from the same wool as the Mitox toolkit. And just like Mitox, you could stash every single prop to perform every one of the fifteen Yokai effects in the same slim briefcase. Every prop can be bought or made for less than the price of the book itself, and most of the effects use no gimmick at all.

The effects in Yokai aren’t magicky or lightweight, they aren’t designed as routined deception framed as mental skill. Every single effect has been carefully structured and engineered to appear as real, leaving you to pick the best way to illustrate your unique premise.

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