Quinta: A Miracle in Five Parts

The most powerful utility method since Equivoque. Really.
Quinta: A Miracle in Five Parts is the comprehensive guide to creating and performing jaw-dropping mentalism effects using this powerful, flexible utility method. For the first time ever in one place I collect together the latest work on Quinta – how it works, how to perform it in a massive range of situations, alongside a huge swathe of extremely diverse effects, both classic and all new.

Quinta is a robust method for controlling the choices of a spectator – openly, fairly and in a very straightforward way. The method is simple and easy to learn and the appearance is clear and wonderfully deceptive. Once you learn and understand how to do it you’ll begin to unlock thousands of possible new routines and ideas.


23(ish) incredible effects

Included in the book are around 23 effects and routines that use Quinta, but it seems churlish to brag about how many massively diverse routines are included in a book that explains how to force literally anything. But since you are probably curious, let me cover a few of them with a meaninglessly short magic sales sizzler/description.

  • An unaddressed letter makes a random number of moves between spectators on stage and ends up at a random destination, and yet curiously contains a letter addressed, by name, to the person who it lands on.
  • Lusting for danger you perform a reverse smash and stab, taking the audience’s free cue as to which single cup to smash before revealing that ALL of the others have razor sharp rusty nails underneath.
  • A roll of five dice randomly picks a number from the face of one of them, which matches a prediction made on a dice under a spectators hand before the effect even began.
  • You use an arcane law to sidestep employment law and hire a spectator to help in your street act and swindle them out of their fair pay.
  • A punter takes five objects from his pocket and uses a completely random process to choose one – which you had predicted from the very start.
  • Two spectators randomly choose holiday memories only to learn that not only are you able to discern which memories they were thinking of, but you sent them a photo of it before you started.
  • And then maybe eighteen more along the same lines.

Bear in mind that NONE of the effects described above (admittedly in a very cut down, magic ad way) need ANY special apparatus or gaffs to perform. (OK, you need nails and cups etc, fair enough, but they can be examined and are completely normal). Quinta is a utility principle that allows you to do this stuff and have it look real without having to build or buy anything. Once you have it you carry it around in your brain forever, it’s the ultimate packs-small-plays-big effect.

Understand it inside and out

Additionally there is a bafflingly complete Deep Geek Thinking chapter that goes into way too much depth about why Quinta works and how you can use that knowledge to improve your effects and use the Quinta principle to create your own performance pieces from scratch. I also include a range of “modules” throughout the book to help with the process of clicking new routines together. The book even contains a chapter of foolproof methods to deal with errors as you are first learning, minimise their impact or even avoid them completely.

Quinta is suitable for stage and close up and works in all kinds of settings and contexts, strong enough for professional performance and accessible enough for creative everyday use.

The book is a 171 page paperback illustrated throughout and laden with useful information about Quinta (and other stuff) and costs £22.50.

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