What do the readers think?

“Phill, for me Mitox has been one of the best books to come my way in years. I am putting into practice your thoughts and advice and the effect on my shows is immediate and seeable. I can tell from the audience’s new reactions that you are dead-on! While I’ve vaguely, instinctly, thought about the subject for years, you’ve explained in clear ways what I need to understand, so the advice is immediately applicable.So, my new advice to folks is
MITOX: Read and Obey.
Thanks for your efforts, I owe ya a beer”Tom Jorgenson

“Dear Phill, Yes, I really like your book. And the updates. Most of all, I appreciate the scripting/plotting and your sense of humour. Thanks a bunch for it! I’ve already started to use your Chinese Whispers premise, employing quite different card handling, but that’s not important – I love the plot. Anyway, I’m so glad I bought your book. Congratulations on the thinking in it.”Paul Hyland

“Hey phil, got this the other day, still going through it but like what I’m reading. You have some nice material in there. I especially like signature effect and the thinking behind it, it uses a simular premise to something I have seen before with movies, can’t think where I have seen it though…
If anyone is still unsure about buying this.. do it..
The book is very well put together and the amount of contents for the price you are getting a bargain. Great work Phill.”Mescalito
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“Yes, you HAVE to read it. This is full of simple, direct and very very strong mentalism.
Phil, you should be very proud of your latest release, Mitox is awesome.”Derek Heron

“Mitox is the dogs b*ll***s. I have perused a mass of material over the past 10 years or so and this in my top 3, for direct, workable, powerful effects (obviously once you have got your groundwork out of the way eg Jinx, Corinda).I will be first in the queue for Phil’s next work.”Powen
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“I want to add my voice to the chorus of praise that is being sung here. I recently got a copy and was really, really impressed. I am seldom impressed with my magic purchases, but Mitox was just right for me.
Respect to Phill”Energizer
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“Wow, I can´t stop reading…. It is fantastic!! Good ideas and good presentations. Im loving it! Phill if you visit Madrid please call me and I´ll take you up on a beer too!.”
Javier Martin “Luxor”

“This book contains a number of thoughts, quotes, and over 20 routines for mentalists everywhere. It is well written, well laid out, and very easy to read. Although not so easy to put down. Some of the effects are truely simple but astoundingly clever;

An autograph book which someone flicks through and finds someone they like… you can name the person almost instantly – you don’t even have to be in the same room (Although it is rather rude to perform in a different room to your audience). And the kicker ending is absolutely first class…

Drawing duplication without pen or paper based on psychological traits.

Gagging order is a fun *** ahead based routine.

and I could go on, but it is all on the site.

I just wanted to say this is without doubt the best book I have bought this year, and I buy lots of books. It is a joy to behold and surpasses all my expectations. I didn’t really want to tell you about this but this book has really cheered me up and there isn’t enough happiness in the world as it is. So you now all know…

If you want some inspiration, some new routines, or advice, buy this book… tip top and highly recommended.
An absolute 10 out of 10 and then some”

Johnathan Fielder-White
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“One reason I’m drawn to mentalism as an art-form is that those who wrote on it tend to be (warning: up-coming prejudice and stereotyping) more prone to contemplation than their wand-wielding brethren. You know how, in the increasingly crowded field of literature on mentalism, occasionally you find a real nugget: a melding of well-read thinking, the courage to be a little ‘out there’, and real-world effects? Phill Smith has produced one such, and he is to be congratulated on a fine job.I’m in the habit of bookmarking items that interest me in a book, and in my now well-thumbed copy I spy 6 bookmarks. Six ideas I want to work with further is a high count in my experience; as far as the rest of the material is concerned, I’d cheerfully say there’s not a dud amongst them.As an artefact, this is a nicely-produced paperback, whose author has an engaging style that makes this a very good read. He has leavened the effects with thought-provoking essays that display his experience as a worker. This is not beginners’ material: not because it is at all difficult, but required performing experience and an ability to engage with an audience.

Congratulations Phill on a fine job, and thanks for sharing this contemporary material with us.”

Bob Gill

“Book received this morning. thank you for the prompt service. I’ve started reading it and it is full of delightful and fresh ideas, and beautifully produced.”Maxwell Reed

“Just wanted to drop a line to say how much I enjoyed Mitox. It was a breath of fresh air to read, not only with exceedingly good, practical methods, but also presentations that were very well thought out and scripted.”Andrew Edmonds

“If you’re into mentalism then this book should be on your “must read” list.”Duncan Trillo

“What you get is an A5 size, beautifully presented approximately 166 page, soft cover, book – professionally printed.Inside are twenty mentalism effects, each presented as effect, method and often followed by additional ‘thoughts’. The book is appropriately complimented by superbly clear, black and white line drawings, that really do help the explanations.Of additional, and real value, are the mini essays that intersperse the book. These let the book flow really nicely, but also provide real food for thought. So much so that I am rewriting much of my own scripting, which will certainly be more powerful and salient.

This is a great book. Small, concise and real world. I won’t be selling my copy!

I salute Phill for taking the time to produce this. No padding, just 20 excellent effects of different types, interweaved with some excellent mini-essays that will get the self reflective juices flowing, and can only improve ones performance and content.

Rating: 9/10. Well, nothings perfect, is it?”

Piers Casimir
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“Phill pitched the book before its release as real, simple, and direct mentalism that you can do with a minimum amount of preparation.He delivers on that promise. You do need a working knowledge of the history, theory, and methods of mentalism, so this is not a beginner’s manual. He makes a lot of feints in the direction of the classics and provides a contemporary set of effects that are (mostly) impromptu, edgy, and powerful. He adds some essays on performance, how to think like a mentalist, and how to design effects that fit your own personal style. He also has fascinating quotes about the functioning of the brain, which start each chapter.His thinking, in many cases is very innovative and lateral in ways that present daring solutions to perennial puzzles in mentalism. The 164 pages mix the description of the effects with the various essays, all of which are dotted with quirky humour and the usual British irony/sarcasm (and I mean that in a good way).

My favourite effects thus far are ‘Left Brain/Write Brain’, which is a fabulous colour and number prediction; ‘Custard Booktest’, which uses multiple phone books; ‘Gagging Order’, which presents a new twist on an old gag; his trio of graphology effects, and ‘Surveyor’s Matrix’, which is a fantastic idea to close a show.

All in all, this gets the big thumbs up from me!”

Dr. Todd Landman
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“I’ve also been performing Equifinque from Mitox, if you have the book, you know which one I mean. I incorporate a few suggestions from E-voque, and man, I have the ultimate impromptu mental masterpiece!!!
Phill, I love your book and your thinking.”Steve Hoffman

“I’m about half way through reading Mitox and it’s knockout, first rate, nothing short of excellent. I just want to know when and if there is going to be a 2nd volume.”Franklin Arbisman

“If you haven’t ordered this yet i urge you to do so……..NOW! If not for the wealth of material and ideas, just for the funny stories. Awesome book, can see this being in my top 5.”Lyndon Webb

“After reading Mitox, I would like to add that the most useful and interesting parts are the “premise” sections. Some of those were great food for thought. I personally didn’t take any effects from it but the above mentioned section was different and thoughtful. All the best”Looch

“I just want to add my praise for this book. I’ve read it over a couple of times now and the thinking behind not just the effects, but also the small nuances and presentations is fantastic. I love Phill’s writing style as well, very humourous.Reading through your book has given me a lot to think about, Phill. Thanks for the great book!”Harry Truman

“Just got my copy yesterday, some wonderful stuff in the book, I really enjoy the “premise” sections as you call them phill. thank you for releasing this material.”Paul Gibson

“I recieved this tuesday morning and am very happy with it. The quality of the actual book itself is top notch, feels and looks nice and gives you the feeling that its something special. As for the writing itself, I found it to be thoroughly enjoyable and I was hooked from beginning to end. Now I suffer from OCD, so for it to be an enjoyable experience for me means it must be good.The effects themselves are brilliant and def made for the real world. Out of the 20 or so effects, there is only 2-3 which I would feel uncomfortable doing or just don’t suit me. That leaves a lot of effects which are truly workable and great. Excellent work on the book Phill Smiff, its something which I am truly enjoying and feel I will get a lot from.”John

“I spend quite a bit on books and DVD’s and work along the premise that if there is ONE thing amongst the stuff therein/thereon that I can use – then I’m happy. (This rarely occurs with my pedantic preference for risk-free effects, therefore most end up on you-know-where!) I have quickly read this book from cover to cover and decided that there are probably two or three items that will be of use to me. So that is VERY GOOD as far as I am concerned!Now, one or two of you might think, “Well, that’s no recommendation…” But I say this – it’s a wonderful read! Regardless of the material within it pages, its written in such a style that you cannot fail to enjoy it.Compared to some of the so-called ‘must-buys’ in any mentalists library, I would say that this is well within that bracket. The acid test? I’m keeping it!”

Roger Kelly

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