20 Powerful Effects

I like things to be simple and easy. I hate gimmicks and gaffs. I like backups in case things go wrong. I like strong effects, which give me the chance to shine through. I love impromptu. Above all I like the audience, for a moment at the very least, to believe.

I hate dealer hype, and I hate the disappointment of buying a text full of clever but unworkable effects. For this reason I have been through Mitox and stripped out anything that wasn’t 110% great. Anything I wasn’t happy with: out. Anything which was difficult to do: out. Anything which audiences didn’t respond to with real feeling: out.

So what’s left?

20 industrial strength effects that will knock your audiences for six.

Left Brain / Write Brain

An introduction to the structure of the brain leaves the audience with a remarkable (and completely impromptu) prediction of a thought of number and colour.


The perfect close-up opener for any mentalist, a light hearted propless introduction to mind control and prediction which is almost guaranteed to warm up any audience.

Red Handed

The strange story of a Victorian murderer takes a time warping twist for the weird which will blow your audience away, as your randomly chosen helper is shown, via a hundred year old manuscript, to be an exact physical match for the culprit, even down to their clothing and name.

Custard Booktest

You divine the thought of image from a randomly chosen page of an ungimmicked copy of the Yellow Pages, then reveal that you knew before you even arrived at the gig what the image would be. There are no gimmicks and no gaffs, the directory can even be borrowed.


Two spectators are each given a sealed envelope labelled only with the word Party, each of which contains a photograph of a party. With no further clues, each is able to describe the kind of party shown in the photograph, and even details such as decoration and the outfits of the guests. Remember, they genuinely do not see the photographs, each photograph is different, the helpers are not stooged and there is no preshow work. This effect combines the imagination of the audience members with the ingenuity of a unique principle to produce a great new effect.

I’d Rather Not

You make a prediction of a spectator’s most embarrassing moment so remarkable that she will simply not read it out.

Force of Personality

A very visual Just Chance effect where you put your ability to judge a participant’s personality on the line with an incredible gamble. This effect plays big and gives you the opportunity to really engage an audience with your personality. (Includes details of a handy new utility prop which simplifies hundreds of other effects, which is so easy to make you probably have all the bits on your desk already)

Signature Effect

An autograph book serves as a powerful reminder of a whole chain of exciting meetings, one of which is chosen by a spectator. You successfully divine which signature they are thinking of and add in a brilliant kicker that suggests that perhaps that particular celebrity will be back in touch…

Gagging Order

The ancient one ahead gets a simple update which solves the problem of the final prediction with a great bit of lateral thinking. You may not like it straight away, your audiences will.

Real Deal

You ask an group of people to imagine drawing something. You pick one of them and tell them what they are thinking of. That’s it. No gimmicks, not even any props… just like the real deal, if you are up for it, Real Deal is too.

Knowledge 5

A quick and easy introduction to genuine psychological influence and suggestion with a built in safety mechanism to stop you from making any mistakes, Knowledge 5 is a simple way to generate a customised psychological effect for any situation and audience.

Thumbscrews Booktest

Not so much a new method, but a whole new approach to any booktest. You put the psychological thumbscrews on a spectator in a new presentation that takes your existing booktest and builds it into a credible demonstration of mental ability that is as fun as it is intense!

Knowledge 3

A highly engaging demonstration of subliminal suggestion framed as a simple bar bet. Using nothing more than the items from your pockets, you challenge the audience to resist your attempts to influence their decisions.

Graphology Trio

A complete routine of graphology themed effects starting with an eminently possible demonstration of handwriting analysis and ending with the incredible divination of a thought of word, ostensibly through ideomotor cues.

Mental Cards

Two straightforward card effects which bring the themes of mentalism into any card routine.


A spectator shuffles and cuts the deck and without looking puts a card into his pocket. A random number is written on a borrowed pad with a borrowed pen, a random prefix is added and the whole lot is dialled on a borrowed phone BY THE SPECTATOR. The random sucker on the end is persuaded to to participate in the effect and told to pick a card mentally. The performer does not touch the deck at any time from the start to the finish. Or the phone. He does not speak to the person on the other end of the phone. The named card and the chosen card are shown to match. This effect is killer.

Surveyor’s Matrix

A new approach to an old mathematical puzzle takes a simple trick and remixes it as fantastic finalé to any mental act.

Is this all dealer hype?

No. These effects all rely on straightforward tried and tested methodologies, and the impact they each have is fantastic. What’s more, you could carry every single prop required to do every one of the twenty incredible effects in Mitox inside a single slim briefcase. And you could buy them all for way less than the price of the book in just one visit to WHSmiths. Some, like Signature Effect, will require a few hours of prep to prepare the simple prop, others, like Equifinque* and Real Deal don’t use any props at all, you will be ready to go any time.

(*OK, you need a pen for Equifinque, but only once, and not whilst you are performing) Mitox effects aren’t ‘tricksy’, they don’t come across as routined deception framed as mental skill. To an effect, they have all been engineered to appear as real.

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