The Creative Solutions Deck Ebook

The supporting ebook for the Creative Solutions deck, 90+ pages filled with great ideas on bringing the deck to life and putting it to work. My approach to introducing the deck to spectators, using it in different contexts, and creating powerful effects with its array of unique features.

Here’s exactly what you’ll find between its virtual covers:


Expansion and variations of the 3 effects included in the instructions that come with the deck


You reproduce the illusion of mindreading by creating a jaw-dropping coincidence. This hands-off effect will sink even people who know the secrets of the deck.

Many Tinkle

My guide to using a different setup for the deck to create something really weird.

Office space

an informal piece that can pop blocked coworkers out of their creative block.

Before and After

my thinking on using the Creative Solutions deck for p**-s**w – you know what I mean.


Using the Creative Solutions deck as *part* of a larger performance piece.

Concept deck

The original Concept Deck effects from Mokele, updated, upgraded and rebuilt to take into account the unique features of the Creative Solutions deck. (The full original Concept Deck text from Mokele is included for context)

There you go, the ebook is available as an unlocked pdf for you to download and enjoy on any device you desire. Enjoy!

Download the Creative Solutions Ebook now!

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