Phill Smith’s Secret Confessions…

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Coaxed by shock-headed Northern mind-botherer Kennedy into a revealing interview, I grabbed a few rising stars from my ongoing development cycle and wrote them up for an accompanying ebook (mainly because I was deeply concerned about how well I could explain it all live), which was distributed to customers of the interview/podcast thing. Following a few requests I have unbundled the ebook so you can see what all the fuss is about.

Download it today:

The Confessions ebook contains 50+ pages of solid mentalism, essays, ponderings and ideas. At it’s core are 2 KILLER effects, 2 new essays, 1 old essay and 2 funny little effects that you may enjoy but lets just say you wouldn’t want to buy them stand-alone. Here’s the breakdown:

Letters of Note

You read the mind of an audience member in a bit of super-organic incredibly powerful mentalism that introduces the concept of verbal ambigrams, a new approach to scripting that lets you deftly weave powerful conceptual illusions on stage.

Four Snowflakes

A simple mechanism to prove you can see into a spectator’s mind with a smart and completely impromptu technique.

Five Steps to a Powerful Premise

The five simple questions that are all you need to ask yourself to solidify your performing premise – a great jumping off point for creative thinkers.

Atypical Hybrid

A fantastic update to Atypical from Mitox (which you don’t need to own to perform this, but look the buy link is just over there ok?) that uses actual science to increase the impact of the effect and turn it from a quirky little piece to a killer stage routine.

So What?

My own personal method for streamlining and increasing the impact of ANY mentalism or magic routine – a simple method that lets you build in real importance and extra weight into absolutely any effect, old or new.

Resonant Contexts

A primer on building mentalism that matters and that means something to your audiences.

The Beard

Amusing filler.
Hey, at least I’m honest.

All this for the ridiculously low price of just £10, and you can buy now and download INSTANTLY to your computer.

Download The Confession now!

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